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At VirtualProspects, we specialise in providing innovative virtual solutions for car dealerships and showrooms - From Walk-Ins to Virtual Wins, Choose VirtualProspects.

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VirtualProspects: Transforming Showrooms, Elevating Sales.

Capture. Consolidate. Convert.


What We Offer

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Capture: Personalised
Link Pages with
Contact Forms

We create personalized link pages that include contact forms, allowing you to gather valuable customer information and preferences. Each link page is unique to each sales agent, this will increase conversions and establish meaningful connections.

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Sales Agent Portal

Sales Agent Portal simplifies and centralises your sales operations. With our intuitive portal, sales agents can access walk in leads and customer information in one place, streamlining their workflow and boosting Sales.

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Walk-Ins to Virtual Wins

With our innovative technology, you can seamlessly transition walk-in customers to virtual data that can be easily stored, sorted, and acted upon. By leveraging virtual tools such as QR codes and virtual contact cards, you can effortlessly engage with potential customers and turn their interest into sales opportunities

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24/7 Support and Business Management 

we provide comprehensive assistance to ensure your business runs smoothly around the clock. Our dedicated support team is available at any time to address your queries, provide technical assistance, and resolve any issues that may arise.


Built for Sales Specialists, by a Sales Specialist. 

Our Objectives

"We aim to continually improve the showroom experience for customers by providing seamless and personalised interactions through our virtual solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty"
Enhance customer experience
"Our primary objective is to enhance our lead conversion rate by leveraging our innovative QR code system and virtual solutions, ultimately driving more sales for our clients in the automotive industry."
Revolutionise showrooms
"Our objective is to revolutionize the way showrooms operate by introducing innovative virtual solutions and technology, setting new industry standards and transforming the customer experience in the automotive retail sector."
Increase lead conversion
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Explore Our Pricing Options

Choose from our range of three comprehensive pricing plans designed to cater to the diverse needs of showrooms. Whether you have a small, medium, or large showroom, we have a plan that fits. Need a customized solution? We can create a tailored plan just for you. Our offerings also include individual plans for salesmen who prefer personalised solutions. Explore our pricing options and discover the perfect fit for your showroom's virtual transformation journey.

Get Ready to Maximise Your Sales With Our Customer Capturing Solutions

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